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Scots build green supercomputer

Article on CNET regarding the FPGA-based supercomputer assembled at the University of Edinburgh:

Scots build green supercomputer

I like this comment:

…The main issue with the technology at the moment is that it is very hard to program. Mark Parsons, commercial director of the center, which co-developed Maxwell, acknowledged: “It’s still difficult for commercial use.”

But Parsons added once this problem is cracked–in the next two to three years–FPGA tech could really take off.


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Hacking the airwaves with FPGAs

Found lurking on the web… David Hulton of Pico Computing in Seattle describes how to crack WEP, WPA and Apple FileVault with an FPGA cluster.

David Hulton – Hacking The Airwaves With FPGAs.

Be very afraid.

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