About this blog

Welcome to Reconfigurable, Reconshmigurable. Here you’ll find musings on emergent hardware acceleration technologies, software-to-hardware programming, and the business of reconfigurable, FPGA-based computing.

About me: I’ve been in the programmable logic / reconfigurable industry since 1983. I currently serve as Director of Computing Services for CODONiS in Seattle, Washington, a new company deploying accelerated computing platforms and services for life sciences. I am also co-founder and technical advisor to Impulse Accelerated Technologies, a firm offering products and services for software-to-FPGA conversion and optimization.

The usual disclaimers apply: This site does not necessarily reflect the views of my employers, their customers and partners, or of the reconfigurable computing community at large. Or my wife, for that matter. And she has far more sense than me.


– David Pellerin


2 responses to “About this blog

  1. Is there an RSS feed available for this blog?

    • Robert Åkerblom-Andersson

      Even if the question is old, still someone else might be looking for the RSS feed like I just did, and did not find any link for it.

      Since this is a pages hosted on wordpress.com I looked at the RSS feed url of wordpress.com own home page and that was wordpress.com/feed, that url also works for this blogs RSS.

      So use this link for RSS feeds:

      To David, I just found your blog and think was interesting, keep up the good work! =)

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