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Intel announces they are going to Tukwila*

I’m guessing the marketing folks down in Portland are not so familiar with Seattle-area urban lore…

Intel Stacks Up the Chips for Your Future PC

“The latest chip in Intel’s Itanium family for server and high-performance computing systems, Tukwila, is expected to be delivered late this year to servermakers. Systems using the chip will ship in late 2009.

“Tukwila is a 65-nanometer chip and the first quad-core member of the Itanium product family. The processor has more than 2 billion transistors on it.”

For a Seattle-area inside joke, see also: Urban Dictionary


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Intel FSB news

Impulse gets a nice mention in this article by Clive Maxfield about Intel’s FSB acceleration strategy:

C-to-FPGA tools for Intel Xeon processor FSB-based accelerator applications

…The key to fully exploiting these new platforms is a common programming language and a coherent tool flow. The vast majority of FPGA applications are still programmed using low-level hardware design languages such as VHDL and Verilog. While these methods are well established for hardware-oriented applications, C-language is a more natural environment for software application development. Impulse C provides a means for software programmers to more quickly take advantage of FPGA acceleration, while also providing control and visibility over FPGA hardware optimization.

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Who writes these headlines, anyway?

I mean this one:

XtremeData Volunteers to Serve as Intel’s FPGA Busboy

Tacky, groan-worthy headline aside, the story is that Intel now has multiple FPGA partners (I hope that doesn’t trigger thoughts of some other headline) in its push to promote FSB acceleration. XtremeData has already proven it’s able to deliver on AMD Opteron socket solutions, based on Altera FPGAs.

2008 will be an interesting year indeed for FPGA co-processor acceleration.


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